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Welcome to Cats World

If you decide to buy a healthy kitten, then you came to the right place. We work with trusted breeders from overseas.

Also we breed Maine Coon and Ragdolls in Virginia and north Carolina.

We would love to show you how we raise our babies.

You can see them growing in my blog!

Kittens that born in states would be registered with TICA.

My name is Anya, I am from Ukraine. I own Pure Love Cattery LLC. And I love all pets! But in my blog we wil talk about cats.

Lets start!

July 5th one of my cats delivered 5 healthy babies. We wuere there for her all the time, comforting her. We put a nesting box in quiet, warm area. Kittens are unable to regualre their own body temperature until they 3 weeks old. We change bedding every day.

Today is July 21st and our babies are getting bigger and bigger every day. They already opened their eyes.

We take care of breastfeeding mom very well. I also give her vitamins because she needs it now.

The mom allows us to be next to kittens and its great because kittens get used to our presence. Socializing them a an early age can help ensure that they fit well into a household

To be continued...

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